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Nicki Minaj and Teen Mom Star Farrah Abraham were involved in a war of words on Twitter yesterday afternoon. It all started when the rapper called Farrah out for the way she treated her mom. If you’ve ever watched the show, then you know exactly why Nicki was so pissed. The way Farrah speaks to her mother, you would think she was talking to a disobedient dog or maybe even a stray raccoon. But the incident that sparked Nicki’s latest bout of rage was from that latest episode of Teen Mom OG, where after a fight about watching her daughter Sophia, Abraham told her mother Debra, “Somebody who is blind and I could just pay, could babysit better than you.”

Abraham responded by claiming that Nicki’s music videos look like porn. Minaj quickly clapped back but Farrah quickly bowed out of the Twitter ring, stating that she didn’t have time to argue.

Do you watch Teen Mom OG? Was Nicki justified in her dragging?

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