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If you haven’t heard by now, Tichina Arnold’s husband Rico Hines has been up to no damn good and she made certain all of their friends and family knew exactly what his secret extracurricular activities consisted of. That story got us thinking. At the very pinnacle of feeling betrayed, disgusted and even afraid for your own health – would you have forwarded your cheating husband’s sex videos to your contact list? What, if any actually exist, are the appropriate ways to deal with being cheated on?

We already know dragging homeboy’s worldly possessions outside or filling a tub with his most expensive sneakers and setting a fire aren’t competing for the top spot in that list.

And perhaps it all depends on how you find out your significant other has been unfaithful. Are you on a Maury stage or are you walking into your apartment to catch him in the ultimate act of disrespect? Do you calmly tell him it’s over, pack your things, quote a bible verse and leave? Or do you mentally plan his downfall and disappear from his life without a word?

If you’re living with this person and on an even more complicated note, if you share a mortgage and a child or two with this person, your response and the way you handle the news will differ dramatically from someone in a 1.3 year relationship who can just stop by, collect their duffle bag of overnight necessities and vow never to return again.

Have you been cheated on before? How did you find out and how did you respond?

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