Marie Holmes/WSBTV Atlanta

Marie Holmes/WSBTV Atlanta

Man, I’m not one to tell people what to do with their money. But something has to be said about a woman who continually bails her boyfriend out of jail.

Marie Holmes, the North Carolina woman who won $88, 000,000 in the Powerball, has spent $9 million to keep her boyfriend out of jail. Last week, Holmes posted a $12,000,000 bond for her boyfriend Lamarr ‘Hot Sauce’ McDow. 

McDow, aka “Hot Sauce,”  was arrested in 2014 on heroin trafficking charges, and  Holmes paid a $3 million bond to have him released.

Then he was arrested this past July for not following his curfew requirements. That was another $6 million Holmes paid. Then he was arrested for having a gun as a felon, and there goes another $10,000.

Finally, Holmes was most recently arrested for violating his pre-trial release agreement when he was caught drag racing.

Marie, if you’re reading this. Can I please get a loan? Since you like throwing money away. Thanks!

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  • mywordsaremypower

    Erm no amount of good dick is worth you wasting your money over girl, drop the fool.

  • paintgurl40

    Hot sauce is a dumb ass name for a grown man. She has too much loyalty and devotion for a man who keeps f*****g up and he’s too dumb to see what’s going on. Maybe the state will name a jail cell after them or something.

  • Darkness901

    If she wants to be a fool, go right ahead. I’m not mad at you. But don’t look at me when you are in need.

  • Neva RuthLess

    Why is his bail that high? Black women are not responsible for black men’s finances as a default. WTH. BTW, She’s a dummy.