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One of the most talked about aspects of Serena Williams, besides her impeccable athletic ability, is her body. Now most of us (by us I mean black people) see nothing wrong with Williams’ curves and muscles on top of muscles. Personally, I’d give my left arm just to have a body that looks like Williams’. But there are others (ahem white people) who have referred to her body as being manly and have even compared her to animals.

But even Serena had difficulties with coming to terms with her own body, and in a recent interview with the Saturday Times, the reigning tennis champ discussed it.

“It has been a struggle to love my body. Just try running with DDs that are bouncing seven inches up and down,” Williams stated.

Where most people will say to just get a better fitting bra, sometimes no matter how sturdy a sports bra is, it just doesn’t really do any good.

“Just try running with DDs that are bouncing seven inches up and down. It’s distracting, not to mention dangerous, because you can tear ligaments, “Williams continued.

But Williams didn’t let any of that get in her way. Last year, the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon were among the five titles she won. So it’s no wonder some people consider her the greatest athlete ever.

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