One of the unexpected consequences of the Black Lives Matter movement is the rise of the Hotep brotha — you know the black power fist-pumping type pushing up on you under the guise of pushing forward the black agenda. These men claim to be woke and all about the black community, but once you peel back the layers you start to notice black power means black male power and his logic is riddled with misogyny, homophobia, and plenty of other beliefs that don’t suit black women.

A woman on Twitter named Maxine Shaw recently detailed her hilariously accurate experience dating a Hotep type — complete with comments like a black woman’s body is made for sex — but if you’re worried you’re still missing the signs, let us help you with these red flags.

  1. He calls you queen. More than likely it’s going to be “black queen” and if you don’t immediately respond favorably to that label he’s going to accuse you of being brainwashed by the white man and not knowing your true name
  2. Netflix and chill is more like documentaries and chill. You might think this brotha is running typical game when he invites you over to watch Netflix, but instead of turning on a RomCom with suggestive sex scenes, he puts on Henry Louis Gates specials or YouTube videos from Dr. Umar Johnson and quizzes you about what you learned after.
  3. His idea of a date is a protest. Coffee? Drinks? Dinner? Nope. Meet him on the steps of the court house with poster board and pen — and be prepared to get locked up if worst comes to worst.
  4. His Instagram is full of black art. You know the naked man and woman cradling a little black baby type of art.
  5. He asks can you cook. Because a woman’s place — after she gets done protesting along side him — is still in the kitchen.
  6. He’s criticized your straight hair. Nevermind you just blew out your normally natural fro, he sees straight hair and immediately assumes you’ve succumbed to Eurocentric beauty standards and gets concerned about how committed you are to the movement.
  7. He uses derogatory terms to describe homosexual men. Everyone’s equal in the fight against racism until he finds out a male protester likes men and denotes him as one of the contributors to the breakdown of the black family.
  8. Street harassment and rape aren’t a priority. He’s all over police brutality and institutional racism but when you mention cat calling and sexual assault he goes silent.
  9. He encourages you to be (extra) fruitful and multiply. Because anything else would satisfy the white man’s agenda of eliminating the black family.
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