Dear Black people: Stacey Dash is tired of your shit.

The former Clueless star turned Conservative commentator became a national topic conversation (again) after arguing that institutions catering to people of color like BET, the NAACP Images Awards, and Black History Month should be abolished because they promote segregation. Her comments sparked quite a bit of outrage in some circles, and a few clever clapbacks by BET, Whoopi Goldberg, and Roland Martin too. But Dash is speaking out again.

In an op-ed for the Conservative site Patheos, Dash attempts to explain her Right wing views while also taking Black folks to task for taking orders from “Democratic slave drivers.”

I didn’t go to school to learn politics.  Rather, I opened my eyes and saw the world around me.


Black people — who say they are more than the color of their skin — mercilessly reinforce stereotypes with more passion and vigor than the KKK.  You dare not step away from the way “all black people must think” or else.

It could be that I am congratulated for being an “independent thinker.”  But apparently only white people can do that,  at least according to the arbiters of blackness.

Isn’t it funny how Clarence Thomas — once associated with the black panthers — is no longer considered “black” because of his beliefs?  Isn’t it funny how Bill Clinton — as white as the driven snow — was called by Toni Morrison the “first black President” simply because he was a “single-parent household, born poor, working-class, saxophone-playing, McDonald’s-and-junk-food-loving boy from Arkansas.”

Got that?

Clarence Thomas isn’t black because he is conservative.

Bill Clinton is black, because he’s a poor, fast food loving boy from Arkansas.

Dash goes on to bash “Liberal Black Americans” for attempting to decide who is and isn’t Black, and asserts Black folks can say whatever we want because “We do NOT have to swallow everything that Democrats shovel down our throats, simply because of our skin.

Dash closes her diatribe by calling on Black people to stop advocating for specific issues that affect us and vote–presumably for Conservatives.

Stop missing the point of the civil rights movement. Which, by the way, we won. 

Stop looking backward when segregation made racial independence our only option. 

Don’t listen to liberals when they say that integration was a failure and that our true strength is in separatism.

Today we witness this in everything.  Civil rights confabs that are far more social than political. Conversations about the “state of black America” as if we still share a singular destiny. Congressional black caucuses… Black student associations… Now, in the promised land of freedom, we seek the lost Eden of separatism?

No. Let’s come together with the understanding that freedom is seized only by individuals. Let’s quit being brainwashed into believing that we should be happy with the separatism the liberal elite has endorsed.

With every special black interest group, we’re falling right into the plantation mentality they want us to have. I mean, how dare we want to be considered people of talent and character not JUST people of color! We must be integrated into the mainstream of every aspect of life… especially (for me and this particular argument) HOLLYWOOD.  There, the liberals perpetuate THE most hypocritical bigotry I’ve ever seen. 

Join me, my fellow brothers and sisters: start thinking — and voting — for your AMERICAN DREAM.

While Dash is certainly entitled to her own opinions, bashing an entire group of people simply because they reside on the opposite end of the political spectrum is quite hypocritical. Moreover, if she really wants more Black folks to get down with the GOP, Dash needs to speak to her party leaders about crafting plans that speak specifically to our needs.

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