Detroit’s students are trying to learn while breathing in black mold and they wearing their coats during the day to stay warm. That isn’t the worst of it though. Nancy Muerhoff, a kindergarten teacher at Carleton Elementary in Detroit, said water from toilets above her classroom has been leaking through the ceiling for over three years. Her classroom is connected to a dilapidated greenhouse that hasn’t been cleaned. As a result, Muerhoff said there’s a distinct odor that gives her frequent headaches. “I have told the building manager,” said Muerhoff. “He says, ‘Oh we have to get a contractor.’

The contractor never comes out.” The windows in the greenhouse are covered in a black substance and she doesn’t know if it is mold or mildew but she knows it smells and it isn’t clean. The people of Flint wanted the world to see the pictures detailing their horrifying conditions.

But now, teachers and parents want the world to see these images from Detroit Public Schools under the direction of Gov. Snyder’s emergency management to get a better, broader idea of how Snyder ignores children for the sake of the bottom line.

Teachers have been protesting to get the word out in a move Emergency Manager Darnell Ealey refers to as ‘misguided’.

When Mayor Mike Duggan toured DPS schools recently in response to the protests, he saw kids with coats on in the classroom as well as a dead mouse lying in a trap right out in the open, and he called what he witnessed throughout his DPS tour “deeply disturbing.”

President of the American Federation of Teachers-Michigan, David Hecker, also saw the parallels, telling Duggan at the end of his DPS tour, “No child in Flint should have to drink lead in water and no child in Detroit should have to learn under such conditions.” As far as Hecker is concerned, “The governor, legislature, and the emergency manager need to take action.”

Mayor Duggan also called out Gov. Snyder over the conditions of DPS schools, if timidly, stating, “Lansing needs to address these issues with urgency. We’re heading toward seven years of state takeover and test scores are low, and there’s a bigger deficit than before. After seven years of running the schools, the state needs to do something.”

The photos of Detroit Public Schools’ classrooms are a stark contrast to photos of the Detroit Emergency Manager’s lavish office.

Teachers, students and parents are calling for both Governor Snyder and EM Ealey to resign and face legal action.

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