Kim Katrin Milan and Tiq Milan

Kim Katrin Milan and Tiq Milan

Nudity isn’t exactly a novel concept in the media these days, and even when some magazines attempt to step outside the box and show unconventional bodies in all their naked glory, trans individuals and others with disabilities are often left out. NOW Toronto has fixed all of that with their “Love Your Body” issue featuring 13 bold Canadians from all walks of life baring all.

The most captivating image is that of Tiq Milan, a trans man, and his wife Kim. In their interview with the mag, the journalists and activists talked about their decision to strip down for the cameras, with Kim saying:

“I’ve always been interested in opening up the idea of what is considered beautiful or valuable. At the beginning of the year, people are always making commitments about how they are going to change their bodies, and I think it’s important for people to love and honor their bodies.

“Our love and our relationship is part of our advocacy. There isn’t a lot of diverse representation of black queer couples loving each other and celebrating each others’ bodies and beauty. We want to give an example to our communities. For many people involved with trans people, it’s a hidden thing, and we want to challenge that narrative. There’s nothing secret about the way we love each other: we love each other out loud.”

Tiq added:

“I wanted to challenge myself, to put myself in a position as a transgender person to show my body and be in my skin publicly, to put myself in that space and learn to love my body more.

“As people not tethered to an organization, we’re constantly involved in our work. So we considered doing this shoot as part of our work because we want to be possibility models for other people.”

Also featured in the magazine are Akio Maroon, an expectant mother and human rights activist; Adam Been, a formerly overweight personal trainer who’s now the owner of Body by Benn Fitness and coordinator of Black Queer Youth (BQY); Biko Beauttah, Pride Toronto board member, refugee, and trans rights activist; Bo Hedges, Co-Chair of Canada’s Wheelchair Basketball Team; and Xica Ducharme, a trans burlesque dancer, among others.

Check out the some of the images on the next few pages.

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  • Regardless of where we stand on issues, it is important to love our bodies and to respect our human dignity. We want liberty and justice for all.

  • mdottwo

    Put on your clothes and go feed the hungry, visit the shut-in, beautify your neighborhood, plant a vegetable garden.

    Give up self-defeating shallow narcissistic obsessions. Human beings are at their worst when fixated on self.

    • Serina

      People on the internet sure have guts. I can say without doubt that one of the beautiful humans pictured above has done everything and beyond that in their own respective communities. I know because I was mentored by one of them. You’re projecting onto others what you would like to contribute to the planet yourself. Go out and do the above as well.

    • mdottwo

      I am sure they were very effective when they performed all of their humanitarian efforts while naked.

  • Den Un

    I hate feet.

  • Ms. Vee

    Why does loving our body mean getting nude for the camera? -_-

  • lynn1066

    Love your body . . . unless you’re over 40. Then just be invisible.

    Not that I want to see any of these people naked (I’m a nurse, I see enough of that on my job), but for a photographic spread seeking to make a point about representation this is a glaring omission.