twerk 3The global hilarity of white people never ceases to amaze.

Last week a black dancer and personal trainer in London named Kelechi Okafor detailed the ridiculous manner in which she was turned away by a pole studio in Manchester when she reached out about teaching more twerk classes at their location. Between being told her dance style was “too basic” and the insulting way in which the studio owner clearly believes white girls own twerking (hence their ode to Miley Cyrus on the site), we truly don’t know what’s worse. Check out the details:

The why is because the only person whose dance style is basic is the rude woman who wrote the correspondence to Kelechi. Check out the difference between Kelechi’s moves and the dancer’s in Bodybarre’s advanced class.

Just from looking at that, I think we all can agree when Kelechi said:

Unfortunately, that’s not even where the drama ended. The next day the studio owner began sending messages to Kelechi and her colleagues, accusing her of being a bully. I.e. white tears ensued.

twerk 4

When Blackgirllonghair.com reached out to Kelechi about the back and forth, she said this:

The way this woman behaved when I contacted her about collaborating just goes to further prove how much the mainstream love to commodity blackness whilst simultaneously despising black people.


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  • i mean

    Don’t they know basic is the PC term for White. Lol you can’t be a basic Black person, it is metaphysically impossible

    • Anonin

      of course they dont they’re appropriators, they cant get anything cultural not theirs right lol

  • dubcc

    “The mainstream love to commodify blackness whilst simultaneously despising black people”. This is the best summation of the white privileged world we live in I’ve ever heard. “Basic” is code for we can’t handle your blackness! Hopefully, this sister opens her own space and does it her way.

  • blogdiz

    Whilst Im not really here for BW concern about getting credit for “ass shaking ” The Professional thing though for the WW to do was to simply say ” We do not have any space on our roster at this time but will keep your info on file for future reference” or some other standard rejection
    Her calling this Woman Basic and Saying that” they throw down” is unnecessary and seems to be about something else and in true WW fashion when they are called out on their passive aggressiveness the white tears flow in abundance

    • binks

      Agreed! I think that replied was her round about way of trying to say “I am better than you…” There was no reason for the owner to be rude, nasty and unprofessional in turning her request down. But as you said, typical passive aggressive behavior but when people call them out then all of a sudden they want to cry foul and pretend like they are clueless.

  • drm

    When you look to a group for validation you are in trouble. She should start her own dance class. Better yet start a new dance craze because once Caucasians start twerking classes it is time for the rest of us to stop all together.

    • dogfish

      you know it…

  • PrimmestPlum

    “..throw it down..”
    “…throw it down..”
    I’m so disappointed that they put their video to private. I saw some gifsets of the “twerk” sessions. It was gold.