Looks like folks aren’t finished giving Stacey Dash that work just yet. After the actress turned Fox News commentator argued the answer to Hollywood’s diversity problem was to do away with BET and Black History month, everyone from Whoopi Goldberg to BET dragged her for filth. And now, it’s Twitter’s turn…again.

Monday, Being Mary Jane star Gabrielle Union was asked to weigh in on Dash’s comments, and the actress replied with a cheeky question: who is Stacey Dash? 

Now you know Twitter just couldn’t let that shade go by without dropping some of their own, right?

Enter the hilarious hashtag #WhoIsStaceyDash, a place for folk to crack jokes, drop knowledge, and just have a good ol’ time at the Clueless star’s expense.

Take a look.


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  • Stacey Dash is just wrong on so many levels.

  • Aria Whitaker

    Ohhhh the pettiness and shade game is so delightfully strong with that one! ???

  • Mahogany

    She definitely isn’t salt free ?

  • Adebisi’s Hat

    The shade is real and so well-deserved. Now, hop along back into obscurity where you belong!

  • bricktop_MelindaM

    Can you guest which Dash will be more useful at your kitchen table? lol