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Growing up, I wasn’t into dolls, but my sisters always had a variety of dolls around the house. From black Barbies, to ones that even were supposed to be Latino, and a few white dolls as well. There was never an issue as to which dolls got more play, and if they shouldn’t be playing with white Barbies. They were allowed to play with whatever type of doll they choose, but more often than not, they picked the black dolls.

But nowadays, you’d be hard pressed to see little white girls carrying around a black doll. And one mother proved that by laughing at her daughters after receiving a black doll as gifts, she probably did them more harm than good.

Take a look at the video below:


You can tell the older girl, isn’t exactly happy with the doll, but she’s not exactly acting like a blubbering idiot like her little sister, whose on the floor in tears crying. But what doesn’t make the situation any better, is the fact that the mother is instigating the girls, and laughing right along with them. Now did the aunt and uncle give these girls the dolls as a practical joke? Or did they feel the girls needed to diversify their doll collection? I guess we’ll never know, but from the sounds of the mother, she seems to think it was a joke.

Instead of laughing at their gifts, the mother could have easily explained that the dolls were gifts, and that they should appreciate them. Also, she should have explained that #AllDollsMatter. Whether the doll is white or brown. Teaching a child to accept the doll, regardless of race, is the same lessons that should be taught to kids when it comes to interacting with other people.

Whomever this other is failed her daughters big time. And now they’re the laughing stock of the internet.

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  • The video spells out the truth in clear, convincing terms. For long years, white racists have exploited their children to believe in the anti-black lies that they have embraced. The white parents never told their children about equality or the beauty of blackness. She wanted to laugh at the children who have expressed disapproval of them receiving black dolls. She wanted to gloat over the disrespect of images of Blackness. The video is disturbing and it is not funny at all. For the parent to film this scene shows that she had an agenda all along. Not only did she want to exploit her own children. She wanted to reinforce the lie that black is somehow not worthy of respect or praise. The racist mother knew what she is doing. The truth is the opposite of the mother’s vindictive, evil actions. The truth is that Black is Beautiful and that black dolls are worthy of honor.

  • Chazz A

    One of the many examples of the Indoctrination of racism. The child has no idea she is being groomed with bias.

    • Mary Burrell

      Another generation of racist will be bred.

    • Chazz A

      Yes, the vicious cycle continues

    • Great point.

    • Chazz A

      Thanks Brother

    • You’re Welcome Brother.

  • Darkness901

    Flat out F-ing stupid! We as a society will never move forward with ignorance like this. I won’t click on this video it’s not funny at all.

    It’s just culture conditioning at its finest.

  • Humm… the video was removed

  • CeeCee

    I noticed that the video has been taken down.