John Singleton’s college-aged son is looking to the public to help him pay for his college education. Maasai Singleton launched a GoFundMe seeking $30,000 because his father won’t help him in the upcoming semester:

My name is Maasai Mohandas Singleton. I’m a second semester senior at USC in the Writing for the Screen and Television program. I write things like Dorkly style skits about Pokémon as a food source, Teen Titans Go episodes where Starfire “Supermodels” Lex Luther’s newest line of war suits, and adventure screenplays about international rap tournaments in Japan. But, in order to move foreword with this work, I need help.

With only one month before my final semester, my father has informed me that he won’t be helping me with tuition. The timing of this information is such that I’m not able to apply for many financial aid options that would otherwise be available. I’ve met with the financial aid office, and even with loans, I simply won’t be able to make up for the nearly $30,000 due this semester to cover the final 20 units that I need to graduate. Tuition is due in just three weeks.

One has to wonder why isn’t Singleton helping with his son’s education? Some people question if a parent is ultimately responsible for paying for their child’s education. I know I have friends who aren’t paying, but others who are.

Personally, I’m pretty sure Singleton isn’t broke, so what in the world is going on? So far Masai has been gifted a little close to $3,000 on his GoFundMe. Maybe someone should send it to his father so he can make a donation.

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