The fashion industry has been called out for its lack of diversity on the catwalk before, but British model Leomie Anderson recently took the style biz to task for not having enough Black beauty professionals behind the scenes as well.

While Anderson was getting ready to walk the runway during New York Fashion Week, she fired off a few aggravated tweets after encountering yet another white makeup artist who was ill-equipped to work on her dark skin.

“Of course I get given to the makeup artist who had ONE brown foundation,” Anderson tweeted before wondering why there weren’t more Black makeup artists and hair stylists since they’re able to work on all models.

Anderson, who’s pretty outspoken on her blog CrackedChinaCup too, continued to discuss the need for more makeup artists of color on Instagram.

We shouldn’t have to feel worried sitting in the chair or a professional that we may not look our best when doing our jobs unlike or white counterparts,” she explained, and we totally agree. 

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  • TastyTaco

    Then we get called unattractive or not able to photograph well. That Vanity Fair or whichever mag recently downplayed the actresses who are Black. Diversity should appear behind the scenes from the makeup application to the models who appear on the runway or print. #DiversityEqualsdifferentShadesofWhite

  • theresa.

    Plain and simple, if you are a makeup artist and can only work with white and light skin tones, then you’re not really a makeup artist.

  • hon3y b33

    in 2016 this is still an issue?

  • Serina

    I work as a model as well. And that’s my one major beef. I can no longer count the times a makeup artist doesn’t have my colour and is their trying to mix. I’ve even had incidences where they run out to the drug store to attempt to match me while their on their “lunch break”. It’s awful. I too believe their should be more artists of colour since they can work on everyone. We, always have to knot their shit but they can opt to not know ours.