Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 3.43.42 PMChris Rock has remained silent on all things Oscar from the celebrity boycott plans to folks urging him not to host this year’s awards show to the entire #OscarsSoWhite controversy as a whole. But earlier today, Chris tweeted a 15 second video of static with the words, “See you Sunday. #blackout #Oscars”

What does it all mean though? The Comedian, while somehow keeping safe and dry from the hailstorm that has slowly been unfolding over the past few weeks, has been tweeting tiny hints of what we can expect from him this Sunday. He tweeted a photo of himself in an Astronaut’s suit with the caption, “Getting my outfit together” and a photo of him posing beside funny girl Kristen Wiig and JJ Abrams. But chin in hand, the pieces aren’t fitting together in a way that makes obvious sense to us. All we know is that whether or not we choose to tune in on February 28th, the entire universe will be discussing Chris Rock come Monday.

What do you think he has in store?

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