When Ta’Rhonda Jones showed up at the American Heart Association’s Red Dress Collection fashion show last week with a heartbeat shaved into the side of her head, she took the art of shaved designs to a new level. But we imagine if Cosmo picked up on the news, they would’ve said the Empire star jumped on what they proclaim to be the newest beauty trend: hair tattooing.

Yes, hair tattooing.


That’s how the so-called “women’s magazine” described this image of a white girl (of course) with three cuts on either side of the nape of her neck cut into an inverted pyramid. The look would hardly cause anyone born after 1980 or who ever spent a day outside of the ‘burbs to bat an eye, but not to Cosmo. This was groundbreaking, and that’s exactly why Black Twitter had jokes for days with the hasthag #CosmoHeadlines poking fun at the mainstream mag’s Columbusing fail.

Cosmo, of course, eventually removed the tweet but the damage lives on in this hilarious headlines we hope they’re smart enough to never run.

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