Students at a Durham, N.C. high school are protesting after they were told they could not wear head wraps on honor of Black History Month.

Students at Durham’s School for Creative Studies and their parents held a planned protest on Monday so that the students could were their geles. Dosali Reed-Bandele  says her daughter was told by school administrators that the geles violated the dress code and had to be removed.

“Our girls should be able to express themselves culturally, regardless of whether it’s Black History Month or not. They should be able to wear their head wraps,” she says. “It happened to me in high school but I had to stand firm to my principal and say, this is a part of my culture.”

Students are parents are now taking to social media to raise awareness about their plight, by using the hashtag #ItsBiggerThanaHeadwrap.

Letters of  support can also be mailed to the students as well.

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