We thought we’d celebrate being midway through Stacey Dash’s least favorite time of year with Fusion’s Akilah Hughes. For her latest funducational YouTube post, she takes us through the various emotions one goes through when they’re the only black kid in class during Black History Month aka the ambassador for their entire race. Denial, Anger and Bargaining are the first three.

Watch Akilah’s hilarious video below and let us know if you can relate to any of these!

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  • Rizzo

    i found Akilah Hughes’ video to be overwhelmingly sad. i understand it was supposed to be funny, but i did not find it so.

  • Akilah Hughes’ video is eye opening. I have never been in an all white class in secondary school. The video certainly makes the excellent point that cultural respect is important to advance. Akilah Hughes is completely right in her wisdom. Many ignorant people want to disrespect Black History Month, but black history is world history and black history must always be cherished.

    Bless Black History Month.

  • Mary Burrell

    Chescaleigh is better I like her YouTubes better than this chick.