Mother, Gina Best, posted a heart-rending plea for justice on behalf of her daughter, India Kager, the 27-year-old who was killed by police who shot 30 rounds into her car last year. The two and a half-minute video calls into question why Virgina Police Swat team ambush her daughter’s car and threw a flash grenade while Best alleges the police knew a four-month old was in the car. The grief and pain is palpable and so real.

Last year, the Washington Post reported that India Kager was in the backseat of a car driven by Angelo Perry, a man who was allegedly planning to commit a serious crime and had a 13-year prison rap for a crime committed with a fire arm, when police approached the vehicle and the bullet exchanges ensued.

According to reports, Perry shot first– however no officers were wounded– and that is when the police opened fire killing both Perry and Kager. Her infant child, Roman, survived.

Gina Best believes that attempts for a timely and efficient investigation have been thwarted and wants the names of the officers responsible for this vicious altercation.



“They won’t release the names of the officers,” she said, “There were four swat officers that fired on her, but there were many more involved. How do you have a conscience? How do you do this?”

“Please help me!” the mother begs of her audience, assuring us that her battles to find justice have only just begun.

“I won’t stop fighting for India, “she said, “I won’t stop fighting for Roman.”

India Kager was a Navy veteran who came from a family with two retired officers both her father and grandfather, making this story especially tragic.

? #IndiaKager ? PLEASE WATCH MY 1st VIDEO. Prior to today, I’ve never recorded my CRUSHING pain and grief over the #execution of my beautiful 27 year old daughter, India by 4+ #VBPD #SWAT on 09-05-15. I’m TOTALLY #DEVASTATED and I STRUGGLE…EVERY…DAY. ALL of the #PoliceOfficers responsible need to be held #ACCOUNTABLE NOW!! https://www.gofundme.com/9ud9enqk#JusticeForIndiaKager #URLEIA #SayHerName #BabyInCar #NavyVet #GoneTooSoon #BlackLivesMatter #DOJ #FBI #VirginiaBeachPD #30ShotsFired #VirginiaBeachPoliceDepartment #CoverUp #FlashBangGrenade #ColinStolle

Posted by Gina Best on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

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