When the History Channel announced it was remaking Roots, the miniseries based on Alex Haley’s 1976 novel, folks were rightly skeptical.

While the original series broke viewing records when it wrapped in 1977 and is considered a classic, a Roots reboot seemed rather odd…and a little lazy.

Sure, Black folks want to see more of ourselves on primetime TV, but spending millions on a story about slavery that we’ve already seen before seems like a gigantic waste of resources. Still, the History Channel forged ahead, and the Roots reboot is making it debut on Memorial Day.

The four-part miniseries includes heavy hitters like Forest Whitaker, Laurence Fishburne, and Anika Noni Rose alongside newcomers Malachi Kirby, who plays Kunta Kinte, and Emayatzy Corinealdi, who is cast as Belle.

Though we’re not quite sure why History decided to tell this story again, the trailer looks striking.


When Roots premieres in May will you be tuning in? 

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  • Rizzo

    looks like a beautifully made series; but, i wonder — when the white folks watch movies about slavery, jim crow and/or the fight for civil rights, does it empower them even more than they are now.

    • Adebisi’s Hat

      Good question. We know white folks love them a slave narrative, and I’m sure it’s not because they’re just filled with contrition for all the wrongs their ancestors did, lol. More like reliving the glory days, methinks.

    • Rizzo

      reliving the glory days … that continues to this day. the continual system of white patriarchy. they are rolling in self-aggrandizement that i think enhances their egos even more, if that is possible, at the mention of slavery.

    • Adebisi’s Hat

      100% correct. That’s what so horrifying. Not even the fact that they already control everything can satisfy them. It’s a bottomless pit of greed.

    • Rizzo

      … and subordination. they got to be on top. they can find a way to justify their pillaging, raping and plundering and then glorify it all. in the end, they are the heroes; and, throughout their history, they will note that they made the best decision for everyone involved — patriarchy.

    • Adebisi’s Hat

      Spot on.

  • FragranceObsessed

    No. I will not watch it. The original is good enough for me.

  • cruisersailor

    What’s the point in remaking “Roots”?

  • blogdiz

    totally unnecessary