John Boyega, one of our favorite “confident, Nigerian, Black, chocolate” men has no time for trolls.

The Force Awakens star had to deal with his fair share of racists when he was tapped to play Finn in the Star Wars franchise, and he’s been setting them straight ever since.

Monday, at the start of Black History Month, Boyega sent out a tweet to his nearly 500,000 followers marking the occasion.

Unfortunately, some folks weren’t feeling the Brit’s message. One guy called Black History Month “racially divided month,” while another argued it was “weird” to celebrate it all together.

(pics via @stormpilot)


Moral of the story? John Boyega ain’t here for your foolishness, folks…and we love it!

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  • Kanyade

    he’s a beautiful and talented man

  • elsay

    Another super talented black british actor!

  • mywordsaremypower

    Don’t forget to mention it on the 1st of October Boyega. Black History month over in England is just as bad as it must be in the US, when it comes to being taught.Still to this day most White English people have no idea were the history of black people in this country.

  • John Boyega is completely right. Black History Month is celebrated worldwide. I don’t want a society that is colorblind anyway. I want a society that is egalitarian and color respectful instead. We should appreciate and celebrate our color, which is beautiful. The haters have no idea about what Black History Month is or the origins of it. The great historian Carter G. Woodson taught us so much about our dynamic black culture. Also, learning about black history is not just about appreciating our heroes who are more well known. It is about comprehending the contributions of unsung heroes like Ella Baker and Oscar Micheaux. So many Sisters from Spelman decades ago contributed immensely to the civil rights movement too (especially in Atlanta, Georgia where human being sacrificed a great deal for the cause of human justice). We certainly realize that the black youth make black history everyday. Historically, the youth represent a large portion of revolutionaries (as the principles of the elders are bequeathed to the younger generation of black people). We won’t stop, because we can’t stop. Our legacy encompasses numerous superlatives, because we are filled with amazing resiliency, we are strong, and we are beautiful.

  • Dr.Rue

    I guess no one else gets gay vibes from him…lol not that it matters. Happy Black History Month!