Photo: Dave Mecham

Photo: Dave Mecham

As the Black Lives Matter protests spread across the U.S. last year, one criticism constantly got thrown at people who took to the streets or spoke out on social media: why don’t you care about Black on Black crime?

While it’s just not true that Black folks don’t care about violence that isn’t committed by law enforcement officers, the myth that African Americans only care when Black folks are killed by police continues to persist. Over the weekend, hundreds of concerned citizens challenged this myth and flooded the streets of Compton to call for peace.

Prompted by the tragic death of Autumn Johnson, the one-year-old baby girl who was fatally shot while laying in her crib, Compton residents hit the streets to demand an end in gang violence.

During Johnson’s funeral, which was also held on Sunday, her grandfather Jeffery Wandick told mourners he hopes her death isn’t in vain.

“Autumn was a beautiful child,” he said. “I just hope this starts something and is not just the end of a life. It doesn’t need to happen to anyone else.”

Judging from this weekend’s march, Compton residents are working to change things.

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  • It is the lie that many whites (and some black people even) promote that no black person is standing up against intraracial violence. Black people for years and decades have opposed intraracial violence. It is very important to defend black human lives and to end violence in our communities and end police terrorism too. It is revolting for many people to exploit the deaths of black people as an excuse for them to promote the lie that black people aren’t protesting against intraracial violence. For years and decades, black people have used protests, vigils, mentorships, and other programs to fight violence in our communities. Many of the same ones who promote this lie (of black people not being active in combating black on black crime) are active misogynists, make stereotypes about black women, and could care less about black people. They care about promoting a reactionary ideology that advances theocracy, patriarchy, and misogynoir instead of black liberation. So, we congratulate these courageous Brothers and Sisters in Compton, CA in standing up for what is right. We want safe communities, so our families and our black people in general can prosper.

    RIP Sister Autumn Johnson

    • LogicOverEmotion

      Well when BLM ONLY shows up when a black person is killed by a white cop it looks pretty damn suspect. Perception is everything and the MAJORITY black sites like this one, Bossip, MadamNoire, etc always bring attention to white on black violence whether its racially motivated or not. And BLM gets the most money when the problems they fight are the smallest. The people who are marching in Compton get the LEAST attention and the least money but are fighting the BIGGEST problem. THAT is why whites and blacks don’t think black people care about their own.

    • Usually, I don’t respond to a person like you. Your views and your disrespectful, disgraceful, and evil words towards black women (including people who disagree with you) on the Internet are well documented. Since this is another thread (and because I want to), I will respond to you on this issue. Intraracial violence is not an unusual phenomenon. Crime in America is mostly intraracial. Therefore, just because black people who commit crime do it mostly intraracially doesn’t mean that black people have unique pathologies or black people are genetically inferior. It means that intraracial crime is a serious problem that must be addressed along with police terrorism. Police terrorism is a common fixture in the Americas from the events of Bloody Sunday to the police using tear gas on innocent men, women, and children throughout America.

      Moreover, black-on-black crime has decreased over the decades. In the past 20 years, black-on-black homicides decreased by 67 percent—a sharper decline than white-on-white homicide—and “[a]mong black youth, rates of robbery and serious property offenses are the lowest in more than 40 years,” according to Demos. Throughout the country, crime has continuously fallen since the 1990s. Likewise, the offending rate for blacks has dropped from 51.1 offenders per 100,000 in 1991 to 24.7 offenders per 100,000 in 2008. Perception is not necessarily reality. Many people have anti-black perceptions, but those racist perceptions are repugnant. Many anti-black perceptions back in the day led into the lynchings of innocent black people. White racists has false perceptions about Emmett Till and they murdered him brutally. Oscar Grant was murdered too. Black Lives Matter movement on their website (since I have looked at their website) explicitly condemn intraracial violence in the black community. Clutch has plenty of articles that talk about black children, black men, and black women being unjustly murdered all of the time. I can cite the titles of the article like clockwork. Also, BLM is not a one issue organization. They mention economic justice matters, the environment, international issues, and other topics. I don’t consider cops murdering unarmed, innocent people the least important issue in the world. I consider both intraracial violence and police terrorism as very important issues. The people marching in Compton receive little attention, because many media people want to promote the lie that black people aren’t concerned with intraracial violence. Additionally, some corporate engines make more money reporting on bad news more than good news when comprehensive reporting is needed. Numerous people from FOX News have expressed the lie and deflection that black people want to minimize intraracial violence when rallies occur all of the time to confront black on black crime. That lie has been embraced by white racists and some black people (especially black people who are misogynists, xenophobes, and promote a patriarchal, theocratic agenda). To some of these far right extremists, capitalism is God. I don’t care what white racists think about me or all black people in general.

      There have been countless black organizations, vigils, programs, and other activists fighting back against black on black crime. Just because little coverage (by the media) is shown doesn’t mean that efforts aren’t being made to address this issue. Numerous people are tired of hypocritical conservative extremists lecturing people on personal responsibility when they refuse to advocate Wall Street banks and corporatists to have responsibility for their own actions. Many of the solutions to intraracial violence require investments, which is antithetical to the credo of tax cuts alone and austerity measures.

      So, the black community has always fought against black on black crime. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar. There should be much more action done in addressing this important issue too. So, black people have every right to fight for social change.

    • LogicOverEmotion

      My words attack EVERYBODY. THE BLACK RACE IS PHUKKED UP. I am not about to read all that bullchit dude. Stop being so dramatic and be a man. The black race is its own biggest problem in 2016 and we LOVE to criticize everybody but our own and that mentality comes from women…bc women always think they are right and black women are running the black race. Now part of that is the black mans fault but also the black woman chose welfar over her family and she is also bad at picking men to have kids with. I don’t say evil things about black women I offer constructive criticism and I shine a light on their hypocrisy. That is something you refuse to do!! You think stroking their ego will help them get ahead and it will not! Every human being can take some advice sometimes to let them know they are off the mark. And black PEOPLE … Not just women are off the mark.

    • I knew that you would respond in that fashion.



      I’m not being dramatic. I haven’t used exclamation points in many of my responses and I’m not angry or upset. You have shown great emotion in debating people. It is you that have slandered the character of black women (that you don’t know) in this forum in an inappropriate fashion. So, you accusing me of being dramatic is an error. Being a man involves many things. Being a man is about defending the human lives of black women not scapegoating them when things don’t go your way. Being a man means to ANALYZE situations and viewing life as social not just individual. Being a man is about making a difference between some black people doing the wrong thing and some black people doing what is right. Being a man is not about cursing out women in the internet. Being a man is advocating real solutions like universal child care, expansion of health care, the closing of unfair tax loopholes, the end to imperialism, and the ending of unfair mandatory minimums. Being a man involve many things and it also involve standing up for justice without compromise. Also, I do criticize black people like Jesse Lee Peterson and others who are like-minded. I just don’t use broad statements in an evil way. Being a man is about defending health care as a human right, standing up for women’s rights, and believing in a real social change where the rights of black people are respected.

      You using profanity in an angry fashion outlines your INSECURITY. You responded to me first and I refuted all of your patriarchal propaganda. Like always, I was born to refute people like you.

      Being a man is not questioning the character of women in this forum in abusive terminology under the guise of “ideological diversity.” Being a man is paying homage to the one human being that created all of humanity which is once again: THE BLACK WOMAN. THE KEY TO LIBERATION IS THE LIBERATION OF ALL BLACK WOMEN, WHICH IS COMMONSENSE. No one in this forum has said that black people have an easy road. We have a long way to go and we must continue to fight for change. Also, black people should not only improve ourselves and our communities. We must eradicate sexism, classism, and the system of racism which was not created by black people. It was created by the oligarchy as a way for the oligarchy to control the lives of us all. Also, most black people don’t have welfare. Most people on welfare are white in America (as the overall black poverty rate is lower now than in 1959) and the problem with conservatives is that they sometimes over generalize while rejecting nuance. Many of your views are views similar to the views of a conservative FOX News host. I do show constructive criticism all of the time. I condemn intraracial violence, I promote integrity, and I promote justice. You believe in the myth that collective blaming of black people is equivalent to constructive criticism and that’s a lie. I stroke no one’s ego. People should receive advice not blanket, false statements. There’s a difference.


    • LogicOverEmotion

      How has the black community always fought black on black crime when you got black kids all over America posting fight videos on worldstar? Why are the majority of black women shaking their azz to musIc that degrades them and talks about killing other black men? Why are so many black men in prison? How can black people fight crime when so many of them continue to have babies in poverty? How can we fight crime if so many black women continue to sleep with thugs and dope boys? The fight you say is happening ain’t working bruh…you should a saved that sorry attempt to make us look better.

    • You live by generalizations. There are Interrupter programs in Chicago fighting black on black crime. There are community charities fighting intraracial violence. Kids on worldstar are not representative of every black child. I don’t support the agenda of Worldstar at all. The problem with you is that you falsely assign a specific example as representative of a majority of black people. That isn’t going to work and that assumption is the basic of illogic. People do realize that things must change. Things must change by doing many things and one thing involves social activism and supporting programs that are establishing results. You ignore many of the schools graduating black children, black youth creating gardens, and other black people using art as a way of expressing themselves. There is no evidence that the majority of black women on Earth are dancing to degrading music. There is no evidence that most black women are sleeping with dope dealers. Most black men aren’t in prison and the prison industrial complex (which is filled with both innocent and guilty black people) was created to ruin the lives of black people. Likewise, we should continue to use social activism in improving our families, our communities, and our world in general.

      Black people have fought crime for years and decades. Poverty should be fought by using progressive actions not by cutting needed services. The fight has declined the overall black crime rates since 1980. The fight has declined the black teenage pregnancy rate since 1992. In other words, over a 40-year period, even as the overall population grew dramatically, there were around 3500 fewer murders in 2011 than in 1971, and almost 9000 fewer murders than in 1991. And by 2011 there were about 2500 fewer blacks being murdered every year than in 1971, and almost 4500 fewer blacks being killed annually than twenty years before in 1991.
      From 1976-2005, the murder victimization rate for blacks fell 45 percent, from 37.1 murder victims for every 100,000 blacks to 20.6 murder victims for every 100,000 blacks (the rates for whites also fell 40 percent), and the offending rate for blacks fell 43 percent, from 46.6 murders committed for every 100,000 blacks in the population to only 26.5 murders committed per 100,000 blacks by 2005. The overall crime rates in America have declined since the 1990’s. The fight has even declined the unwarranted pregnancy rate. There is the growth of black women graduating and an increase of black women owning businesses. You can save your sorry attempt in demonizing your own race. That’s your M.O.and you love what you do. Also, people like you love to talk about the black poor when many black poor are poor, because of classism, job layoffs, discrimination, natural disasters, etc. Most black poor people work and we live in a society where poor people are mistreated by capitalist exploitation. I love what I do, which is about showing the truth on the strength of the black community.

      So, we have a long way to go, but many lives have been saved.

    • Mrs.J

      So what do you have to say about these people marching against violence in their communities?Why do you keep bringing up BLM when they are against police brutality?

    • LogicOverEmotion

      Don’t ask me what I have done. I live by example and that is the first thing that needs to be done. Don’t ask me to do what these parents should have done. Ask THEM!!!!

    • Mrs.J

      Exactly you have done nothing.I have also read your other comments and you seem to hate black women.

    • Mrs.J

      Whites think blacks don’t care about black on black crime because they listen to all of the misguided politicians.Keep listening to them and their lies.

    • LogicOverEmotion

      No they don’t think we care bc we kill so many of our own. Stop lying. Worldstar is killing the black image as well.

    • Mrs.J

      Every race kills each other.You are totally lost and I feel bad for you.So I guess whites don’t care about themselves because they have a high suicide rate?So Native Americans don’t care about themselves because they have a high suicide rate.Your arguments make no sense because many blacks have dedicated their lives to helping curb black on black crime.Why do you think crime since the 1990’s has gone down?Black activists have been out there helping the youth and those at risk.I see it everyday in my community.We see things differently so there’s no need to go back and forth.

    • Exactly. This is my last response to him. I know many anti-black on black crime initiatives in my area alone. Tons of black people aren’t lazy. We are active in wanting change and many of our people have done great things in making a difference in society. It is important to set the record straight and we have done so.

    • trueletterson*[email protected]

      thank you!

  • PurpNGold1

    But I thought black people only cared about white on black crime, right?

  • LogicOverEmotion

    This was good but BLM was not there.

    • Mrs.J

      They can’t be everywhere.They are against police brutality.These people are marching against crime in their own communities.This is something that whites and misguided blacks think that blacks never do.Blacks have been marching against violence in our communities.

    • Amen Sister.

    • Mrs.J

      Pointless arguing with some people who never get anything.People just believe what they are told and never research things for themselves.#Thelostones

    • Indeed Sister. Some people will take a much longer time to wake up. Some folks will probably never wake up. The best thing is to show people the truth, promote wisdom, stand up for justice, and keep on moving forward as black human beings.

  • We were there! the energy was incredible!

    • That’s great.

    • Mrs.J

      Good for you guys.It’s great to get out in your community and give a helping hand.Great job!!!

    • Although we don’t live there my moms works for the city of compton.

    • Mrs.J

      Just the fact that you guys went is awesome.They have marches like that in The Bay Area where I live and I need to start going to them.

    • I love the bay <3 You should go if you have the time, sometimes we can feel so helpless and being around like minds can at least let us know that we arent alone.

    • Mrs.J

      So very true.I need to get more active in the community.Thanx for The Bay Love.

  • Mrs.J

    Good job Compton.Cities across America March against crime in their communities.Many cities also have programs that help young people who are at risk.Many people say well where are BLM when a black person shoots another black person.Even some idiot blacks are saying this.I always say they have programs and people who March against violence in their communities.So sad for the girls family.This kind of thing happens way too much.Bullets meant for others kill innocent children and that is ashame.People need to stop and think and make better choices.