Photo: Dave Mecham

Photo: Dave Mecham

As the Black Lives Matter protests spread across the U.S. last year, one criticism constantly got thrown at people who took to the streets or spoke out on social media: why don’t you care about Black on Black crime?

While it’s just not true that Black folks don’t care about violence that isn’t committed by law enforcement officers, the myth that African Americans only care when Black folks are killed by police continues to persist. Over the weekend, hundreds of concerned citizens challenged this myth and flooded the streets of Compton to call for peace.

Prompted by the tragic death of Autumn Johnson, the one-year-old baby girl who was fatally shot while laying in her crib, Compton residents hit the streets to demand an end in gang violence.

During Johnson’s funeral, which was also held on Sunday, her grandfather Jeffery Wandick told mourners he hopes her death isn’t in vain.

“Autumn was a beautiful child,” he said. “I just hope this starts something and is not just the end of a life. It doesn’t need to happen to anyone else.”

Judging from this weekend’s march, Compton residents are working to change things.

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