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“The Real”

I Respect Jada Highly’— Janet Hubert

Janet Hubert, the original Aunt Vivian on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” had nothing but nice things to say about Jada Pinkett-Smith during a recent talk show appearance.

“I respect Jada highly,” Hubert said on an upcoming episode of  “The Real.” “I respect her skill, I respect her as an artist, I respect her as an actress, very much.”

But it’s Hollywood that Hubert says she has an issue with

“There’s been a diversity issue, years and years and years ago,” she said. “This didn’t just start this year. This started way back when the Oscars first came up.”

“It wasn’t created for us, by us,” she added. “We can do our own thing, definitely.”

During her first rant against the Oscar boycott and Pinkett Smith, Hubert put everyone on blast and made reference to Will Smith not having her back when she was fired from the show.

“Karma’s a b**ch,” she said at the time. “You ain’t Barack and Michelle Obama, and y’all need to get over yourselves.”

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  • Janet Hubert never compromises her core convictions. I respect that about her. I witnessed her story on TVOne years ago on a show. She has been through a lot, but she has the strong spirit just like our ancestors. A lot of the Hollywood world acts as a place of not only exploitation and propaganda (many films and shows from Hollywood has nefarious, anti-black rhetoric), but a place of anti-black hatred. So, we don’t need validation from an idol that can’t save a soul. We should cultivate our own talent and do our part to build for the development of our own black communities internationally.

    • Noirluv45

      I agree with everything you said. She sure doesn’t, Truth. I saw that TV One special on her too. I think it was called, “The Life Of…” or something like that. She’s so beautiful and regal. She’s always been a class act to me.

    • Yes, it was called “The Life Of…” That was a great episode. She looks like she is in her 30’s. She is a very beautiful woman. Have you noticed that all of hosts were stone silent when she spoke. That’s a Queen talking and the hosts gave her respect as she rightfully deserves. Janet Hubert kept it real.

    • Noirluv45

      It was a great episode. Doesn’t she look amazing! She’s always carried herself with such class even when she’s checking someone. Yes, sir, I did notice the hosts’ silences and how they hung on every word she spoke. Yep, the Queen has spoken.

    • It was a great episode. She talked about being in the country, doing ballet, and fighting for her rights as a black woman. The Queen dropped knowledge and the hosts were learning. They were being taught wisdom from a black woman who has shown class in the midst of a racist, sexist society. Yes, she does look amazing. Janet Hubert has a strong, great light.

    • Ang

      I saw that TvOne episode also. I thought it was really good and gave good insight into who she is as a person and trained actress. One thing I have never been able to forget about her story (can’t remember if she told in in the TvOne show or another interview) is how she did the Fresh Prince against her better judgment because it looked like a good opportunity. she said she never wanted to go to Hollywood and colleagues warned her against it because tv shows aren’t made the way they are used to working. She took it because it seemed too good to pass up. But, she ended up being frustrated at filming always starting late and Will rapping to the audience and joking around before they could get to work. With her age, Juliard training, and work history I can understand how that would make for a frustrating experience where things would eventually boil over. I’ve been to many tv show tapings and I can tell you that as an audience member it gets annoying when the crew doesn’t move things along like they are supposed to. It’s probably worse being an actor who has been there all day. If she had followed her first mind she probably could have continued her theater career without this bad experience. I agree with her recent comments about their salaries. If Will (and prob the rest of the cast) had more foresight and conviction they could have secured raises for all of them like the cast of Friends and other shows have done. I think Janet is a wise women who should have gotten more opportunities. However, I do hope she moves on and finds peace and success.

    • You have shown vey excellent points Sister. There is the generational gap. Will Smith back then was just in the industry during 1990 (when the Fresh Prince show started). He was joking around while Janet had already a long career in acting and theater. Frustration is a common emotion shown by many people in the industry, because exploitation, and other issues have harmed actors and actresses for decades. Janet made the great point that if Will Smith used his clout to promote higher raises for the entire cast, the show might have existed longer. Janet should have been treated with much more respect than she had been treated during the past. Also, we all hope that she finds peace and more success. I haven’t been an audience member of a TV show before. That is why we need to support what is right and Janet is a survivor and we appreciate her candor plus her strong spirit.

  • Mary Burrell

    Hmm,,,,,, But last week she was reading them for filth.