Tuesday night, Kanye West held a listening party of sorts at 1Oak in Los Angeles, and of course it was everything we’ve come to expect from West: rants and raves.

West, who recently released Life of Pablo, had some words about both Amber Rose and Taylor Swift:

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West still seems butt hurt about Rose’s accusations that he enjoyed prostate stimulation, or whatever it was she was referring to last month on Twitter.

Then there’s the Swift accusations that she never heard his ‘diss’ song, which a Grammy producer already verified that she approved of it:

It seems as though West is still up to his old antics. But I hate to admit that Life of Pablo isn’t that bad of an album.

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  • Ang

    Everyone blames the death of Kanye’s mother for his current state, however, I actually think his father’s absence from his life is more to blame. I do not believe Kanye is mentally ill as many people suggest. I think he is a spoiled, petulant child who never had anybody check him growing up. Boys who have their father in their life usually don’t get to behave like that. Kanye grew up as an only child with a single mother. I think he was just spoiled and told that he was the best, most special child all the time (as many parents do) and he never developed any humility. With him working as a music producer his whole life he’s never had a real job where people are not going to kiss your butt or call you a genius just becaus you are good at your job. Kanye’s arrogance is nothing new. He was known for his arrogance from the beginning of his career. I think he’s always had some issues deep down its just that now he has a bigger platform to broadcast his issues and less people in his life who are real with him. When his first album came out he did an interview special where he talked about longing for a masculine role model growing up because he was raised around women. He said he was teased and called gay in high school because he had feminine mannerisms but he didn’t realize it because he was always surrounded by women. I think that is why he is so sensitive about Amber’s accusation. There are clips on Youtube of the interview he did with Sway in 2005. Even back then he had a vacant look in his eyes. This was the beginning of his rise to fame but he did not look happy.

    • FragranceObsessed

      That’s a good way to look at it. Great insight.

    • neceyluv

      Excellent point about his father being absent. We are now beginning to see what that looks like for many adults, during a time when many didn’t think it mattered. It did…and it still does. Thanks for that!

    • Ang

      Fathers being present matters in more ways than many people are willing to consider.

    • Mary Burrell

      Great perspective

    • Ang


  • G

    So is this “homeboy marketing” to insure that someone pay attention to his latest release?