In yet another instance of an out of touch media outlet praising a white celebrity for sporting an inherently black hairstyle, MTV UK posted an image of Kim sporting cornrows with a tweet that said “The A List are loving boxer braids right now so here’s an easy way to do them yourself”. The tweet was understandably met with backlash from folks who know better and as a result, it has since been deleted.

We know that everything old eventually becomes new again but it’s a little ridiculous for these folks to consider two cornrows a hot new trend. Oops, we meant boxer braids. The Daily Mail has even hailed Hillary Swank’s Million Dollar Baby character as the first to ever rock them. Taking key elements from black culture (or any culture) and repackaging them as remarkable and trendy when white women wear them is a phenomenon we wish would come to a complete end.

But something tells us this won’t be the last time…

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