???? ITS IG PPL ! Not a photography reality contestant show LIGHTEN UP ! ????

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Lil Kim is no stranger to experimenting with her looks, but apparently a few of her fans aren’t feeling her use of Instagram filters.

After attending Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 3 show last week, both Lil Kim and Kim Kardashian-West shared photos of the two, only the images were noticeably different.


The photo Kardashian-West shared was darker, showing both ladies looking quite bronze, while the snap Lil Kim posted to the ‘gram had been lightened. Almost immediately Lil Kim’s fans noticed the difference and began questioning why she’d altered the image.

One commenter wrote, “It’s sad to see how much did society wants us Black girls to hate the way we look, and how it manifests even in the most famous and wealthy of people.”

While another said, “CHRIST I met u back in 93 in Brooklyn before u did all this shit to urself u was hot back then! So much self hatred of ur own race it’s sad but hey it’s your face have fun.”

And one user accused Lil Kim of “wanting to be white so bad.”

After seeing the comments, the Queen Bee decided to respond. According to the rapper, both images had been changed.

This video is from the exact same day of the Yeezy fashion show. I’d like to see y’all try to filter this. Videos don’t lie idiots! Some of you are just so miserable and unhappy with yourself that you have nothing else to do than to come on my page and just hate and talk about me on the blogs. It’s clear that I’m lighter in this video than the picture that Kim posted. Which is still a very gorgeous photo. I lightened up the picture because I like when the makeup pops a little more and you can see the beauty of the makeup that @tasha_mack_mua did. Kim wanted the picture to look a little darker, because that’s the way she liked it. Kim is my boo and I wanted to repost it but I saw it in a different way. 

Lil Kim then posted another picture of the same day to show her skin was actually lighter than in the image shared by Kardashian-West.

Umm…glad we got that cleared up?

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  • It’s her face and that’s her business. Yet, she looks radically different than what she looked like during the 1990’s. Back during the 1990’s, her skin tone was darker and her nose was thicker, and we have a problem in our community. We have to go there. Some of our people want to elevate Eurocentric features instead of praising our own black African phenotype. We have a problem when some of our people condemn black skin while they praise white skin unconditionally. We have a serious problem when society discriminates based on color and some want to believe in the myth that we live in a post-racial Utopian world. We have to talk about these issues, confront injustice, and be aware that self hatred didn’t end decades ago. It’s a serious evil that must be defeated today. Some people want to assimilate to the same institutions that don’t care about us rather than seeing revolutionary solutions as a way to go in order for our people to reach into the higher level. Therefore, her explanation is her explanation. Likewise, we have the right to stand up for the beauty of Blackness too.

  • Dr.Rue

    We all know she OBVIOUSLY has issues with the color of her skin…filter or not filter. You bleached and you got a nose job

  • Mary Burrell

    She used to be so pretty why did she feel the need to do this?

  • Yahmo Bethere

    I read an interview in which she explained how her father used to denigrate her looks.

  • Ada Niemand

    My goodness. The money she spent on plastic surgery would have been better spent on therapy. Maybe she’d figure out why she hated herself so much.