On Saturday morning just before Gymnastics, My Dranbaby found out that our President Barack Obama was no longer going to…

Posted by Caprina D Harris on Monday, February 15, 2016

We’re all prepping ourselves for Barack Obama’s last day as President and for witnessing the most beautiful First Family in all of American History exit the White House. *blows nose* There will be tears, people. But one little girl isn’t waiting to get emotional about all this. Caprina D. Harris’ granddaughter couldn’t hold back the waterworks after learning Barack’s days as President were coming to an end. She and POTUS share an August 4th birthday so there may be some deeply rooted inexplicable connection there. Watch the clip!

President Obama responded by posting a message in the comments:

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  • Mahogany

    Oh baby girl I’m not ready for a new one as well, especially considering the current options we have.

  • Aria Whitaker

    Awww bless her little heart…and [email protected] “Dranbaby” ?

  • i mean

    Me too lil baby, me too ???

  • She is an adorable child. The first black family in the White House is historic. Also, we know that we must continue to fight and struggle for justice. We believe in social tranquility and the growth of black families in general. Bless the granddaughter.