A Maryland man is now behind bars after surrendering himself into authorities for the murders of an ex and daughter. Daron Boswell-Johnson, 25, was charged Wednesday in the deaths of NeShante Davis, 26, an elementary school teacher, and their daughter, Chloe Davis-Green. The mother and daughter were shot outside their townhouse about 7 a.m. Tuesday in Fort Washington, Maryland.

According to authorities, Boswell-Johnson recently was informed that he was in fact the little girl’s father and was ordered to pay $600 a month in child support.

Boswell-Johnson went to Davis’ and their daughter’s home early Tuesday to confront Davis about the child support, officials said Wednesday evening at a news conference.

Boswell waived his rights and provided a statement to Prince George’s County police on Tuesday in which he confessed to the crime.

According to Boswell, he went to Davis’ home to demand she drop the child support petition, then shot and killed her.

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  • Mali90

    I don’t understand these lowlifes, if you feel like you do not want to raise your child, sign away your parental rights as a father. the mother and the child(ren) will be okay

  • CayaK

    This is horrifying and very sad!
    It is a warning to all parents of boys who are being spoiled, kept away from responsibilities and called prince/king or whatever: This is what the grown,evil version of a little entitled spoiled boy can look like!