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Model Aamito Lagum has the lips most women would die for, or buy some ridiculous lip plumping mechanism to get. But it’s those lips that made Lagum go viral after MAC posted a photo of her wearing their lipstick during her NYFW appearance.

From racist jokes about her lips. To people ridiculing her skin color, Lagum was the subject of racism on the cosmetic company’s Instagram page.

But guess what? Lagum is unbothered. As a matter of fact, she posted a dope response on her own Instagram page:

“My lips giving you sleepless nights,” she wrote in reference to a headline about the response the MAC Instagram photo received. She added, “Thank you @maccosmetics for this killer color and to that makeup artist.”

Not only is she beautiful, but a classy ass woman!

Photo credit: Instagram

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  • Mary Burrell

    She is beautiful the ignorance of racist they are so pathetic.

  • TastyTaco

    She’s pretty, I was waiting to see her whole face. Her skin is flawless. Black women can’t (and shouldn’t) be narrowed down to a butt or lips. I thought about making my lips bigger, and they’re not thin to begin with. But I would be self-conscious of people lusting over my lips, it’s like big boobs, you can’t deny their presence.

  • Rizzo

    the racists are guilty of at least 3 of the deadly sins — envy and lust. feeling anger at themselves for experiencing those emotions, the racists then took to social media to spew their wrath, which was not a real good idea because they exposed their true feelings – envy and lust – through their racist rants. Aamito Lagum is beautiful.