Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 1.26.32 PMTrying a new hair salon or stylist for the first time isn’t easy. After you’ve thoroughly examined the establishment’s Instagram account and the personal accounts of their stylists, you make an appointment and brace yourself. Then you finally get there and you’re sitting in that chair with all of your high hopes and expectations, preparing to be amazed but also half preparing for this woman to fail miserably at helping you achieve your hair goals – it’s taxing on the spirit.

Having recently visited a popular salon in Brooklyn, I didn’t know what to expect but I figured whatever I ended up not liking I would find a way to fix myself. I had photo examples of some blonde hair color I wanted to try. The stylist suggested a trim additionally, which I agreed to considering the last time I had one was well over a year ago. Long story summarized, my hair color was way too bright (bleach blonde) and she made it her personal mission to teach me how to rock a 4a/4b wash and go thus forcing me to shake my head around a la ‘Tina Turner dance in the comfort of one’s home’.

Fellow salon patrons stared in my direction blankly, probably wondering why I had asked for such a bright color. Inside I screamed “I didn’t ask for any of this! Nor did I do anything in life to deserve this!” A woman with long, flowing, naturally straight hair who – in my opinion, could have saved herself the trip altogether, sauntered out after looking on in shock. Other stylists, clearly noticing I wasn’t happy but still feeling the need to show support for their colleague could be heard saying things like “Ooh Char you did a stellar job girl. That color is everything. Yes! Work! Slay everything to the ground and down!”

The only upside to this experience was that my hair was an even length. I went home and against the advice of most professionals, I’m sure, dyed that joint back to black and vowed to never again attempt to be a blonde.

What have your new salon experiences been like? Do you have anxiety when trying out a place for the first time or do you always do your hair yourself?

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