Last year, Larycia Hawkins, an associate professor of political science at Wheaton College, an evangelical Christian university in Illinois was suspended after wearing a hijab in support of Muslims and saying that Muslims and Christians worship the same god.

“I stand in religious solidarity with Muslims because they, like me, a Christian, are people of the book,” Hawkins wrote. “And as Pope Francis stated … we worship the same god.”

Hawkins, who was the first African-American woman to become a tenured professor at Wheaton, said she was wearing the hijab as an “embodied support” for Muslims. But now, after a 2 month suspension, Hawkins has been fired.

The college announced over the weekend that they were ‘parting ways’ with Hawkins and said on their site that it and Hawkins “reached a confidential agreement under which they will part ways.”

The school stated that declaring Muslims and Christians “worship the same god” violated the “Statement of Faith.”

“Wheaton College sincerely appreciates Dr. Hawkins’ contributions to this institution over the last nine years,”Philip Graham Ryken, Wheaton’s president, stated. “We are grateful for her passionate teaching, scholarship, community service and mentorship of our students.”

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  • FragranceObsessed

    I went to the website and read the statement which in part said “they have come together and found a mutual place of resolution and reconciliation.” I’m sure there is more to the situation that we are not privy too but it doesn’t sound like she was fired as in ‘you’re fired! Get out!’ Wheaton is a private Christian College. Her religious views obviously became a conflict of interest for what is being taught at the school. Fundamental Christians do not believe Islam and Christianity share the same god. I’m not saying I agree with them or her but I can see how this became a situation.

    • vwlover

      I agree with you and not surprised at the outcome. I hope she does well in whatever she chooses to do next.

    • Mary Burrell

      Exactly I have been following this story and I knew this would be the outcome.

  • Mary Burrell

    I knew this would be the outcome as this is a Fundamentalist institution and I am surprised she didn’t get that these two faiths are not compatible. But I wish her the best.

  • I know what Sister Larycia Hawkins wanted to do. She wore the hajib to express solidarity with Muslims Brothers and Sisters who constantly experience Islamophobia, prejudice, discrimination, and assault. In this generation, Muslims in America have had their mosques bombed, many have experienced assault, and many of them have been condemned unfairly because of their creed. That is totally wrong period. When we see that, we should feel outrage and condemn any vestige of Islamophobia. The university, that she was once in, is an Evangelical University. So, that university doesn’t believe that Muslims and Christians worship the same God. So, it would be inevitable for her to be fired. If she was in a public university, she would have a strong grounds for a lawsuit. We all wish the best for her future endeavors. She has shown courage.

  • Tonididitonem

    my opinion is a little different from everyone on here. black folks…women especially do too damn much. i call it oppression chic….we have to always be present when there is struggle and strife. Arab Muslims would never ever ever do this for her. now her academic record is tainted for life over a group that calls its own black Muslim population “ABEED” a word akin to the n-word. she shoulda sat this one out. not your fight. self care is the best care.