Anybody with a pulse and some tastebuds will tell you they didn’t need a Beyoncé reference to send them running towards the cheddar bae biscuits and sinfully savory platters at Red Lobster. But who knows? Perhaps Bey’s Red Lobster name drop was a reminder that we hadn’t been there in a while or a mental “Oh snap she eats Red Lobster like us regular folk?” jolt. Whatever it was, it seems to be translating into good news for the popular seafood restaurant chain.

Sales were reportedly up 33% on Monday, just one day after ‘Formation’ hit the universe. Red Lobster spokesperson Erica Ettori said the brand was mentioned on Twitter 42,000 times in a single hour and much to our shock and dismay, was trending for the first time in history.

The song suggests Red Lobster as the ideal food for rewarding someone for sex. We say it’s a reward for living. And what a time to be alive.

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