As Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton gear up for the South Carolina primary, the candidates are working overtime to reach out to Black voters.

Sanders recently spoke at Morehouse College, enlisting the help of rapper Killer Mike to energize young voters, while Clinton has made stops in Flint, Michigan, Harlem, and Chicago to make her appeal to African Americans.

On Wednesday, Clinton racked up another big endorsement when Sandra Bland‘s mother, Geneva Reed-Veal, explained why she’s supporting the former Secretary of State.

“I’ve watched and followed her career and I saw her take the hits. Yet she still manages to stand here decades later like it didn’t bother her a bit,” Reed-Veal said. “As Sandra Bland’s mother, I know a little bit about frustration. You have to stand and push through it, even when you want a vacation.”

During the Chicago appearance, Clinton discussed the importance of police reform and invoked the names of those who have died in custody.

“We owe it to them to reform police practices to ensure that…no one is pulled over in their car for no good reason and then thrown into a jail where she’s found dead,” Clinton said. “We owe it to the families of young men like Laquan McDonald and the others whose names we know all too well— Walter Scott, Freddie Gray, Tamir Rice, so many others.”

Clinton’s appearance came a day after she gave a major policy speech about the need for racial justice.

Clinton is leading Sanders in South Carolina, where African Americans make up more than half of the Democratic electorate; however, the Vermont Senator has been quickly making up ground.

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