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As soon as Beyoncé dropped “Formation,” her provocative new song that pays homage to Black Southern culture, people lost their minds.

Many Black folks loved the song and the accompanying video, which was rife with unapologetically Black cultural references and images challenging police brutality, while some white folks took offense. And when Bey took the show to the Super Bowl a day later, right wing pundits and salty white people came out of the woodwork to denounce the pop star for being divisive, disrespectful, racist, and Black.

As if. 

SNL decided to use the insane backlash as inspiration for a hilarious skit describing “The Day Beyoncé Turned Black.”

The clip shows white people losing their shit over Bey’s new video and the revelation that she isn’t just one of the biggest pop stars in the world, but that she’s also a Black woman. *gasp*

Take a look.

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