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A new study released gave some insight onto the college majors black students are picking, and they happen to be low-paying majors.

According to Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce, even though more black students are going to college, they’re more likely to pick majors such as social work or human services and community organization.

“The low-paying majors that African-Americans are concentrated in are of high social value but low economic value,” said Anthony P. Carnevale, director of the Georgetown Center stated.

Below are the majors with the highest concentration of African-American students and the median salary:

1. Health and medical administration services: 21 percent ($46,000)

2. Human services and community organization: 20 percent ($39,000)

3. Social Work: 19 percent ($41,000)

4. Public Administration: 17 percent ($52,000)

5. Criminal justice and fire protection: 15 percent ($48,000)

Even though careers in STEM are lauded, the study also showed that only 8 percent of general engineering majors, 7 percent of mathematics majors and 5 percent of computer engineering majors are black students.

But on the other hand, architecture and engineering is the major group with the highest median earnings ($66,206) for African-Americans with a Bachelor’s degree and the highest paying detailed major among African-Americans is pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences and administration with median earnings at $84,000.

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