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A new study released gave some insight onto the college majors black students are picking, and they happen to be low-paying majors.

According to Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce, even though more black students are going to college, they’re more likely to pick majors such as social work or human services and community organization.

“The low-paying majors that African-Americans are concentrated in are of high social value but low economic value,” said Anthony P. Carnevale, director of the Georgetown Center stated.

Below are the majors with the highest concentration of African-American students and the median salary:

1. Health and medical administration services: 21 percent ($46,000)

2. Human services and community organization: 20 percent ($39,000)

3. Social Work: 19 percent ($41,000)

4. Public Administration: 17 percent ($52,000)

5. Criminal justice and fire protection: 15 percent ($48,000)

Even though careers in STEM are lauded, the study also showed that only 8 percent of general engineering majors, 7 percent of mathematics majors and 5 percent of computer engineering majors are black students.

But on the other hand, architecture and engineering is the major group with the highest median earnings ($66,206) for African-Americans with a Bachelor’s degree and the highest paying detailed major among African-Americans is pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences and administration with median earnings at $84,000.

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  • Many points must be made here. It is no surprise that jobs that relate to STEM fields are paid higher than other fields. Young black children should be taught comprehensively about STEM fields too. Also, in this society, many people who have saved lives socially or medically aren’t given in many incidents the credit or financial incentives that they deserve. To me, we should respect both an engineer and a teacher, who is helping humanity in positive ways. So, we should not only advance STEM fields. We have to address income inequality as many poor have great skills but they lack the economic opportunities to achieve their dreams fully. Success is not monolithic. We have to allow black people to define their own sense of purpose. If a person wants to be a social worker, that’s fine. If a black person wants to work as an architect or an author, then that’s fine. Money is a tool and it isn’t the total basis of living. We live to benefit ourselves and others. We live to bless others with love.

    • eLLe D.

      I agree, Society values need to change on multiple levels, teachers and humanity professions have significant value in this country–but because greed rules the day, anything that makes money is where the focus stays and is also the reason why we are in the state we are in as a Nation.

    • Precisely. We live in a cut throat society. Many workers, who had direct involvement in saving lives, are treated worse than celebrities and those who use prestige instead of a talent to carry onward with their lives. No one should live by bread alone and we honor the principle that regardless of race or class, all people should justice indivisibly and succinctly. That is why I have enormous respect for teachers, those with STEM fields, social workers, health care workers, and others in the humanity fields.

  • Pema

    Everybody knows this. Major in whatever you want to but don’t complain when you can’t pay back your loans on a social worker’s salary.

    • Ang

      They have loan forgiveness for people in certain helping professions.

    • Ms.

      More excuses. You had to get that last, anti-climactic excuse in there.

    • Ms.

      Exactly. that’s just it. Scared blks on here, major in social work all you want to, but don’t cry when you’re hovering over the poverty level. Don’t blame the white man, it’s you.

  • Dr.Rue

    The problem isn’t with majoring in these subjects. The problem is addressing why society feels that an engineer should make four times as much as a social worker. I’m a stem major (currently in medical school) but my sister became a social worker and all the crap she has to go through for chump change is crazy.

    • Ms.

      “The problem is addressing why society feels that an engineer should make four times as much as a social worker.”

      And a plastic surgeon earns more than a fire fighter. Same reason these white cops that shoot blk men up make less than Madea. I mean, what do you want??