Ever since Beyoncé hit the Super Bowl halftime stage and performed “Formation,” some folks have been in their feelings.

First there were the people threatening a boycott, then some haters organized an “anti-Beyoncé rally,” and finally there were the talking heads that said the singer’s homage to the Black Panther Party was as bad as a KKK rally.

The whole thing has been downright ridiculous, but singer SZA perfectly summed up the hypocrisy of those shedding hot white tears.

Indeed, Trump just celebrated at the New Hampshire primary and is the leading candidate in the GOP presidential race despite–or perhaps because of–his extreme views on Muslims and undocumented immigrants. While he’s been celebrated for his “straight talk” and “tell it like it is” stance, Beyoncé’s been vilified for finally showing a little primetime love to Black folk.

Our take? They can stay made and while we enjoy this moment.

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