Fed up with the violence and crime in their community, the men of New Era Detroit are hitting the streets to do something about it.

According to the group’s Instagram page, their mission is simple: “Empowering and Encouraging Blacks across the country to unite and invest in the communities that we live in.”

To this end, the men have committed to patrolling the streets of their Detroit neighborhood for nine hours a day in three shifts to ensure women and children are safe.

“We can’t just talk about it all the time,” NED group member Zeek told ABC News. “We need to do something and we need to be consistent.”

New Era Detroit launched its ‘Street’s Is Watching" Program TODAY! NED along with volunteers will be taking to the streets from Monday-Friday in three shifts between the hours of (7am-10am) (2pm-5pm) and (8pm-11pm) to keep a third eye on the community. We are starting off in District 7 in the 48238 zip code monitoring the school zones as well as providing safe routes for the children. Our main objective is to have a strong presence on school days while children are walking to school in the morning, when kids get out of school in the evening, and when parents or grand parents are picking up their children from (after school programs, basketball practice, cheerleading practice, etc). Our goal is by the end of the year to have a watchful eye on all 46 zip codes in the city of Detroit. We the people of Detroit must hold ourselves accountable for our communities and that's what we plan to do with ***PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU ARE WILLING TO VOLUNTEER IN ASSISTING US WITH THIS CAMPAIGN! Email us: [email protected] | DM us | Phone: 313-466-4377 #AllPowertothePeople #Neweradetroit www.neweradetroit.org

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While government officials and law enforcement officers pay lip service to things like community policing, NED is actually doing the work. The group funds its “Streets is Watching” program exclusively through donations, and is looking to recruit 500 men for the program.

Find out how you can help New Era Detroit on the group’s website.

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