The Albany Police Department is investigating a weekend attack as a possible hate crime after three black female college students reported they were assaulted by a group of white individuals aboard a city bus Saturday.

According to the Times Union, the SUNY University of Albany students “sat at the back of a CDTA bus after boarding past midnight on Saturday morning. The students said a verbal argument began between the group and a group of between 10 and 12 white men and women.

“During the argument, the victims said they were called several racial slurs before a fight broke out. One woman told university police that several men kicked her after she fell to the floor.

“The female students who said they were attacked left the bus at a campus bus stop, and two of them, with minor scrapes on their faces, went to Albany Medical Center to be evaluated.”

CTDA is currently working to provide footage of the alleged attack that was captured by the bus security camera. Meanwhile, University President Robert Jones released this statement regarding the news:

So far, no arrests have been made. Let’s hope police and the university get to the bottom of this ordeal sooner rather than later.

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  • This is such a story that makes people who are freedom loving to be filled with indignant anger. It is obvious that white racism is an evil. White racist terrorists have harmed black people for a long time. This incident shows the viciousness of intolerance, racism, and gender-based violence. Three black women (who were called slurs) were violated of their human rights by white racist savages in a bus. No black person should be called slurs or assaulted period. These white racist savages should be held accountable for their actions. I do hope that the video footage would be revealed and I hope that justice is served. It doesn’t matter if it is 2016 or 1806, we still must confront the system of racism/white supremacy. We have to tell it like it is. We have to fight for the human rights of our people. The three black women need solidarity and support.

  • Mary Burrell

    Racist scum i hope they catch these worthless pieces of human feces.

  • CayaK

    I hate this. I am signing up for Wu Shu and Krav Maga. we need to be able to protect ourselves. This is sick.