After scores of bored (white) people took to their keyboards to denounce Bey’s Super Bowl 50 halftime performance, it looks like folks weren’t really about that anti-Beyoncé life.

When pundits falsely claimed the singer’s performance was a slap in the face to law enforcement officers, angry commenters vented across social media about staging a boycott, and some misguided (and clearly bored) people took the bait and decided to organize a rally to protest the singer outside of the NFL’s headquarters in New York.

Tuesday, a whopping three people showed up.

A writer from NYMag was on hand to report the deets:

The anti-Beyoncé protesters were late to their own event, which had about as many media outlets in attendance as both pro- and anti-Beyoncé protesters. According to a Cut reporter at the scene, there was only one for a long time — a middle-aged white guy wearing a New York Giants jacket and a newsboy cap, which sounds about right.

He was soon joined by another dude named Ariel Kohane, who apparently heard a different song, because he believes “Formation” is a call for violence against the police. He said he is — surprise! — a volunteer for the Ted Cruz campaign.

Eventually, another protester turned up, hoping to also show her support for the police.

“I’m here because I have many cop friends, and I respect what they do, and people need to hear that they are loved, April Bedunah explained to NYMag. “There are bad cops who need to be thrown in jail. But there are good cops as well.”

While it’s unclear where the anti-Bey contingent got the idea that her latest song dissed cops, it didn’t matter in the end, because most folks didn’t show up anyway.

On the other hand, several Bey fans and #BlackLivesMatter protesters used the moment to get in formation and raise awareness about more important things.

We love it!

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