Looks like Kylie Jenner’s been flipping through her “Around the Way Girl” notebook again. Over the weekend, the teen showed up at Alexander Wang’s runway show rocking a classic high ponytail, only this time she reached for a different type of hair to achieve the look–Yaki.

It seems like Jenner got hipped to every Black girl’s favorite braid hair and she decided to take it straight out of the package and right into New York Fashion Week.

Perhaps the 18-year-old felt she needed an extra pop of Black Girl Swagger, or maybe she just thought it was cool to wear 1-B Yaki, either way, the folks on Twitter weren’t too pleased with Jenner’s decision.

And then there was this:

Welp! Enough said.

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  • Whitney’s Receipts

    So many ignorant comments here. And for the record, this girl does wish she were black, she practically admitted it. Last year she posted an altered pic of herself with very dark skin and caption it with “this is how I wished I looked.” She wears foundation 3 shades darker than her natural color. And can we stop with the false equivalencies whenever non black women take pieces of black femme aesthetics. Black women who dye, straighten their hair etc are not trying to look like another race. Non black women like this fool will try to adopt the “cool” parts being a black woman but none of the consequences and that shit is not “flattering.” Epesically since women like that typically have ZERO respect for black women.

    • LogicOverEmotion

      Oh you mean the picture where she was covered in GRAY paint and glitter looking like an alien??? Well when did black people become GRAY???? News to me!!!!! STFU You black women on this site are so damn insecure you will make stuff up to make it SEEM like people want to be you.

    • Whitney’s Receipts

      Sigh @ your second rate, pathetic attempts at trolling in this post. I usually don’t respond to trolls since you guys are obviously sad, no life having losers with too much time on yours hands to continuously click on websites you have no interests in. And I know you’ll respond with another nonsensical reply, but step your trolling game up. Be an entertaining troll. Don’t troll on behalf of a rich Rachael Dolezal .

    • LogicOverEmotion

      Yes please act nonchalant and call me a troll bc I have found holes in your points. When a person has nothing else to contribute to the debate they start name calling.

    • Whitney’s Receipts

      *didnt read*
      *ignoring troll mechanism activated*

  • AfroCapricornette

    Sometimes, I think that the things ‘Black Twitter” harp on about are so
    trivial and irrelevant, I cringe. See the collards and peanuts “dust up”
    with them swearing that no Black person ever does that lol. This is
    another: the darn obsession with this family! Do people not know that
    ANY publicity is good publicity for/to them?? And then we wonder why and how they get more attention than pressing national and global issues.The internet, esp Black
    Twitter, obsess over them and it’s getting ridiculous IMHO.

    Regarding weaves, are we the only demographic to wear them? One
    minute, they’re bitching that we’re stereotyped for weave-wearing and
    the next, they accuse another of wearing a “Black girl weave!” Do you
    know how many WW I see in my hood beauty store buying blonde extensions
    like these? They even know their colours lol. I can’t…I literally

  • Reina Benoir

    If you’re an example of what BW will be missing I can say without equivocation that you won’t be missed. Do go on and keep dating the weak ass women who will put up with your bullshit (of whatever race they may be.) but not for nothing you don’t seem to be worth the hassle.

    • LogicOverEmotion

      Weak? They are weak bc they don’t b*tch and cry everyday??? Weak with a man or married. Strength comes from not overreacting. Learn that. Comments like these are why black women are last in finding a mate. Idiots like you think its cool to be combative.

    • Reina Benoir

      You have nothing to teach me. You’re a weak ass, man who is looking for a woman who doesn’t dare let you know what she will and will not accept but is quick to let women, especially Black women exactly what you expect from them.

      You think other women don’t bitch and complain too? Then you don’t read which would be another reason why you’re unacceptable as a companion. You seem to be under the impression that the only people who can make demands and let the world know what they do and don’t like is you.

      Why anyone would put up with such one-sided selfish fuckery is beyond me. It’s one thing to deal with small children who think the world revolves around them and have no notion that things are supposed to be reciprocal. It’s another to hear it from a grown ass man.

      You Mr. Black women need to do X Y and Z are a bloody hypocrite. You’re quick to bitch at Black women but don’t want to hear from them. You sir, and I use the word sir very loosely here, are exactly the piss poor example of masculinity that no man of any color need emulate.

    • LogicOverEmotion

      Other women don’t bitch about hairstyles, grills, and buying fake butts. If anything non-black women should complain against black women for trying to look like THEM. But they are so secure in themselves that they don’t have to do it. THAT is a show of strength.

      But hey keep on keepin’ on SISTA SOULJA! Power to the people and all that Jazz! Ignore this constructive criticism and die miserable and mad at the world!!!!

    • Reina Benoir

      There is nothing about your criticism that is constructive. You don’t like Black women and you ascribe to us everything you don’t like and then act like it doesn’t apply to other women too. As I said before that you think other women don’t “bitch” is evidence that you don’t read.

      But do continue being a walking stereotype of the Black man who gets himself a little education and acts the damn fool going after white women whilst declaring your disdain for anything Black and female.

      You have nothing worth listening to. Nobody needs some puffed man, who thinks way too highly of himself, thinking he knows enough about them merely based on the color of their skin, to give them “advice” based on no knowledge at all.