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Looks like there may be a truce between the Wests and the Roses. After Kanye took some ill-advised shots at his former muse Amber Rose and she thoroughly ethered him, Muva and Mrs. Kardashian-West were spotted at a nightclub together and they even shared a friendly snap.

Of course, folks couldn’t understand how this happened given the history between these two (Ye allegedly cheated on Amber with Kim), but it looks like it’s all good now?

Who knows, but Twitter’s reaction was hilarious.

Ugh…we hope not!

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  • A.P. Millz-CT

    What’s worse? Having your kid insulted by your ex? or (possibly) taking a paycheck from him? I don’t know.. This seems as though they rushed trying to do some sort of damage control, b/c they don’t Amber to open up the vault on West.. LOL

    Well played, well played.. Or, Are we being played? Have they been in cahoots the whole time? hmmmm..

    • A.P. Millz-CT

      LOL.. Indeed, indeed :)

    • Mary Burrell

      It’s about time someone kicked him down a notch. He is wearing the garments of humiliation after Amber Rose revealed some of their little freaky playtime activities.

  • FragranceObsessed

    Media whores? Damage control?

  • There are more important issues than this truce. I will mention that talking about someone’s kids in an offensive way is one of the most cowardly things that anybody can do. So, Kanye West wanted to act tough against Wiz, but Amber responded back to him. Subsequently, the truce came about because Kanye West wanted to use cover to cover up his disrespectful, offensive tirade. The lesson learned here is that people can agree to disagree on issues. Yet, anyone who disrespects children or any innocent human being in an offensive, false, and disrespectful way is just plain wrong.

  • elsay

    “no man reconstructs his woman’s entire wardrobe” : Are you implying that gay men are no men? And are you aware that “delicate”, ‘feminine’ men can be heterosexual, and that a lot of gay men are super macho men ?
    Gender presentation has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

  • mywordsaremypower

    Please fellow black people, do not get engrossed by this foolishness of fakery and nonsense. These people live their lives to thrive off drama and then we ask why are they famous? If we stopped paying their damn bills they would be gone within a year. The amount of people who care about this fuckery then black people being killed,raped, hung out to dry globally makes me see that we as people have work to do. This is how they get us, we are easy to distract, I will guarantee something else sinister is about to happen and people are more interested in plastic then real life.

    • eLLe D.


    • hon3y b33

      amen, who cares about these mindless gold-digging THOTS!