Somebody take my money RIGHT NOW.

While I’m totally here for just about any movie Idris Elba stars in, the trailer for his upcoming action flick Bastille Day puts whatever James Bond’s been doing these past few years to shame.

In the film, Elba plays Sean Briar, a CIA agent that partners with a con artist to foil a group of terrorists looking to attack Paris on Bastille Day, basically France’s Fourth of July. The action packed trailer shows Elba at his best–cool, confident, and totally badass.

As William Evans of Black Nerd Problems notes, the trailer illustrates exactly why Elba fans want to see him in everything.

“Look at how versatile this dude be? Suited up, behind a desk, in the field action shots, handling the armed weaponry with ease and dripping charisma like perspiration,” Evans writes. “Provided this movie isn’t a trainwreck for some reason, I can’t see any reason why CIA Agent Sean Briar can’t get sequels. Bruh… if Liam Neeson can ride out three movies by traveling back to the same countries his family members keep getting kidnapped in, then Idris can run around Europe foiling plots and stopping terrorism for the next 4+ years.”

We totally agree.

Check out the trailer for Bastille Day below.


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