It’s no secret, we love Janelle Monáe. Her music is fly, her style is flawless, and her commitment to Black folks is nothing short of dope. So when we see Monáe prospering we can’t help but share it.

The Super Bowl is going down this weekend, and one of the biggest aspects of the event–besides the game and the halftime show–are the commercials. Pepsi recently rolled out its latest ad featuring our favorite electric lady and we love it.

In the ad spot, Monáe dances her way through 50 years of Pepsi history and it’s wonderful.

Take a look.


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  • Rizzo


  • Mary Burrell

    She’s entertaining and a it’s a high energy commercial.

    • You’re right. Janelle Monae has great energy and she loves the art.

  • In every generation, numerous artists exist who personify creativity, style, and a great consciousness. Janelle Monae represents those characteristics fully. She is having fun in the commercial and most importantly her messages in videos and in real life do inspire people to realize that they are more than just molecules and DNA. People have a purpose in life and that is to change the world in positive, constructive ways, so the future will be better than the past and the present. Janelle Monae is a very talented Sister and great superlatives precisely outline her character and her talent.

  • binks

    I loved her commercial! She had more energy and entertainment in her commercial than the entire Superbowl and her commercial was only a few that stood out because most SB commercials sucked this year.

    • Teach Sister. I like also about how she represents where she’s from too. She is from Kansas City and she is thankful of it.

  • Darkness901

    Lord knows I love this lady. I enjoyed that commercial more than the game or the half time show!

    Janelle should headline the halftime show soon!