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The ladies of the Pretty Big Movement dance company are used to causing a stir. While most people think dancers sport svelte, ultra thin bodies, the ladies of the Pretty Big Movement continue to crush stereotypes while they showcase their dope moves.

The curvaceous troupe has appeared on NBC America’s Got Talent, VH1’s Female Hip Hop Honors show, and in Lane Bryant’s “I’m No Angel” campaign, and now they’re back to use their bodies to pay homage to the Black Lives Matter movement.

In their latest video, the women groove to P-Square’s global hit “Personally” as they channel traditional West African moves that culminate in the group taking the rhythmic protest right to police.

Take a look.

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  • Rizzo


  • Black Lives will always Matter. It is always important for us to proclaim the truth that police terrorism is evil, that humanity should have their general welfare promoted, and that racial justice is a legitimate, unimpeachable goal to fight for. Classism and the system of racism/white supremacy (where studies document how black people experience higher jail sentences than whites even if all parties are convicted of the same crime and how one study document how some black people with no criminal record have the same chance of getting employment as a white person with a criminal record. Racism, sexism, and economic exploitation are serious problems in the 21st century) are repugnant evils that should be extinguished in the world. We believe that water is a human right (it is disgraceful that some people were involved in the poisoning of the water in Flint, Michigan). The War on Drugs have harmed many of our people. We reject unregulated capitalism and we believe in showing compassion to the poor. The creativity of black human expression is inspiring and we believe the growth of the black community too. We are in solidarity with black people internationally and justice is what we want wholeheartedly. The dancers have great talent.

  • Kwazi Style

    Get it girls!!!