Who’s The Mother?



That’s the question everyone is asking, and people are having a hard time figuring out.

In the photo above, there’s a mother and her set of twins. But when it comes to figuring out who’s the mother, the internet is stumped!

The photo was posted by one of the 16-year-old twins on Twitter, and it’s already gone viral!




Either way, this is one beautiful family. #BlackDontCrack.


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  • Ang

    How old are the two women? They look like they are in their early 30s.

    • _a_

      LOL yea the two on ends look alike but they both look like they are in their 30s. I also read that the mom had them extremely young, so I’m not so sure that this is a good example of, “black don’t crack”.

    • Ang

      Thank you. My first thought when I saw the “black don’t crack” line was, “well, if she was a young mom she could actually be as young as she looks.” She looks like most 30 something black women. But, I know how folks can be. I didn’t want to get into a discussion of hating on black women.

    • _a_

      No its not hating. Its just using common sense lol.

    • Ang

      They were on the news. The clip is online. The mom is only 35. Number 2 and 3 are twins. In the video, number 3 looks younger than she does in this picture. She looks like a teenager but she looks older than her twin. They look like number 2 is 14 or 15 and number 3 looks 17. That’s the real mystery rather than who’s the mom. But, I’m glad that wasn’t trending.