The NoVo Foundation

The NoVo Foundation

Peter Buffet, the youngest son of Warren Buffet, and his wife Jennifer, created a foundation the NoVo Foundation in 2006, and announced this week that will invest $90 million over seven years to fight the structural inequalities facing young women of color all over the United States.

“Inherently, girls and young women of color already hold incredible power and potential. This work is about dismantling the barriers that prevent them from realizing that potential and leading us toward a truly transformative movement for change,” Jennifer Buffett, co-president of the NoVo Foundation, said in a statement.

The $90,000,000 will be used for policy efforts on a national level and grassroots advocacy. The foundation will travel around the nation talking to girls and advocates to get ideas on how to invest the money.

“Our goal is to create the conditions for change by advancing the work of the real experts in this movement: girls and young women of color and the advocates working with them,” Peter Buffett said.

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