Oh Breezy.

You’d think with all of his mistakes, brushes with the law, and violent tantrums Chris Brown would keep his mouth shut when things don’t concern him, but the Loyal singer decided to comment on R&B singer Kehlani’s recent suicide attempt.

While folks showered the Grammy-nominated singer with well-wishes, Brown decided to go the slut-shaming route, accusing Kehlani of “flexing for the gram” and trying to take her own life in a bid to get sympathy and distract from negative comments.


In case you missed, or ignored, the drama, Monday, Canadian singer PartyNextDoor shared a picture that purported to show him in bed with Kehlani, his ex-girlfriend. While that certainly isn’t newsworthy, gossip blogs went ham because Kehlani was supposedly dating NBA player Kyrie Irving (and Breezy’s friend) at the time, prompting folks to go in on the singer. Apparently, Kehlani couldn’t handle the criticism and tried to take her own life.


Instead of staying silent, Brown decided to remind us how awful he actually is by slamming Kehlani for allegedly cheating on her boyfriend–something Breezy has no room to talk about given his philandering ways. Moreover, in spite of Brown’s assertion that there was no suicide attempt, Kehlani was rushed to a hospital and placed on a psych hold.

Here’s the thing: Brown is entitled to his flawed, fuckboy logic, but he certainly shouldn’t be spewing it to the world, especially when matters of life and death hang in the balance.

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