Did you read about the Jet Blue flight attendant who got caught in LAX with 70 pounds of cocaine? When the TSA agent signaled for her at the security checkpoint, she took off her Gucci shoes and made a run for it.

In her wake, she left behind the cocaine, that has a street value of $3,000,000.00

Well Marsha Gay Reynolds, the fast running flight attendant, turned herself in New York City. Yup, the day after running through LAX, she hopped a flight out of town.

Well apparently, Reynolds is a former Jamaican beauty pageant contestant and NYU track star.

So how did Reynolds think she was going to get away with being a drug smuggler? Well LAX officials don’t think was her first time.

“Flight attendants and other crew members are not normally subjected to searches, but this is a perfect example of why Los Angeles airports need 100 percent screening of all passengers and airport employees” the union president, Marshall McClain, told My News LA, calling for 100 percent screening of all passengers and employees.

McClain told the Los Angeles Times he doesn’t think this was Reynolds first time exploiting the security procedures.

“I don’t believe anybody would trust a mule with that amount of dope the first time out,” he said. “You’re talking about $2 million worth of cocaine…. That’s pretty troubling. This is more than likely not her first time doing this.”

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