It seems as though CVS has a racial profiling issue when it comes to discriminating against Blacks and Hispanics.

Several CVS store detectives have filed a class action lawsuit against the company.

Sheldon Thomas, one CVS market investigator, was told, “When you catch the black people, lock them up,” and, “When you catch the Spanish people, lock them up,”the lawsuit filed in Brooklyn Federal Court lawsuit claims.

Thomas also said his supervisor told him,  “There are a lot of black and Spanish people here. Make sure you watch them.”

Thomas said a supervisor told him “watch the black n—-rs that come in the store.” That same supervisor would often let white shoplifters go, but get black and Hispanic shoplifters arrested.

Two other ex-investigators made similar allegations in Bronx Supreme Court lawsuits on Monday.

The legal actions come less than a year after four former CVS store cops file a federal discrimination suit against the chain.

Talk about having a prescription for racism.

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