Bill Cosby’s legal team took a blow on Tuesday, when a judge ruled Janice Dickinson’s defamation case against the actor could proceed. 

“For nine months, Mr. Cosby has sought to have her case thrown out,” Lisa Bloom, Dickinson’s lawyer, said. “Today, Judge Debre Weintraub found that Ms. Dickinson had offered sufficient evidence (from her own declaration and those of multiple corroborating witnesses) and that a trial is appropriate in this case. Mr. Cosby did not submit a declaration denying her claims.”

Dickinson sued Cosby after the former model went public with allegations that comedian drugged and raped her in 1982, prompting Cosby’s legal team to deny her claims. Today, the judge ruled a jury can decide on the validity of Dickinson’s claims as well as decide whether or not Cosby’s former attorney called her a liar.

Bloom said her client is ready to be vindicated in court.

“I look forward to our day in Court to prove Ms. Dickinson’s case. Ms. Dickinson and I are committed to this fight until the end,” she said.

Cosby’s attorneys issued a statement, praising the judge for dismissing one of the two statements that triggered Dickinson’s complaint. They also argued the whole lawsuit should have been dismissed.

Today, following a hearing on Mr. Cosby’s motion in Dickinson v. Cosby, the Court granted Mr. Cosby’s motion in part and struck half the bases upon which plaintiff filed her lawsuit. We believe the remainder of the lawsuit should be dismissed as well and will be considering Mr. Cosby’s options on appeal.

In addition to this case, Cosby still faces felony sexual assault charges in Pennsylvania.

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