If you’re not familiar with comedienne Aida Rodriguez, you will be after this post. The Last Comic Standing alum had a few words for voters, people who don’t think she’s black, and the casting of Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone.

Rodriguez isn’t a woman who makes a habit of biting her tongue. And in her most recent Facebook video, she doesn’t hold back.

Rodriguez has a few words for people who don’t consider her ‘black’ enough to talk about black issues, and she makes it clear that she is:

“Let me explain something to you: I am a Puerto Rican/Dominican woman. I am a diaspora negro. My grandmother, great-great grandmother, great-great-great grandmother, have all been affected by slavery because guess what: They had those in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic too. And I don’t appreciate you telling me trying to put me in my place, because obviously you’ve let the system put you in your place. I know who I am, you don’t know who you are, you need to find out. You don’t have to be here either,” Rodriguez stated.

Zoe/Nina, This Election, Diaspora Negroes and the White Man who hated on me. #IllSayItForYou

Posted by Aida Rodriguez on Saturday, March 5, 2016

She then goes on to explain why she doesn’t feel that Zoe Saldana should have been cast as Nina Simone:

I’m Puerto Rican/Dominican just like Zoe. And I’m going to say this at the risk of being shunned by some of my Hollywood friends, but I just don’t think it’s cool…some people are making the argument that she’s a black woman. She is, but she’s not African-American. She is Puerto Rican and Dominican. And when I say that I say, yes, we were affected by slavery, and we’ve been effected by the same things, but we also have a country to go back to if we don’t want to be here, we have our own language, we have a flag, we have our own food…We are not a displaced people. Yet we are people of color, but we are not African-American. Our experiences is not rooted in that of the American experience.

Also, let’s be real: this woman [Nina] fought against colorism. What a slap in the face to put a woman that you have to put a prosthetic nose, and color black, when there are so many black women who could play the role.

Preach, Aida!

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